Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love & Cupcakes

Why start my blog today? What better day than 08/08? Today is my 2nd anniversary... I am married to the most amazing man, Erik. He'll be a guest blogger in no time! He's the frosting to my cupcake -- the one that brings the sparkle to my eyes, the warmth to my heart, and the confectioner's sugar to my cabinets. He's my "honey, I'm out of butter, can you please run and get me 10 lbs?". He's also my "babe, I need 200 cupcakes for an order tomorrow and I have to work late tonight, can you please...." and before I can finish my sentence, his reply is "how many of which flavors and what do you want me to make first?". He's better than ice cream. Hell, he's better than cupcakes! So my love of cupcakes and my sweet love share today! Happy Anniversary, Erik!

In the interest of time, I very often use boxed cake mixes and "change them up a bit". Don't be afraid to use a box mix -- but also don't hesitate to use one of your favorites from scratch with one of my frostings. Remember, you can NEVER go wrong with a cupcake!

What I hope for with this blog...
I hope that I can bring some fun into your kitchen (and bellies)
I hope that I can update at least weekly
I hope that you love my cupcakes so much that you eagerly await my next post
I hope that Bakerella visits my blog
And I hope that you come to love cupcakes as much as I do!

This is on our wedding day 2 years ago... 08/08/08

I know, I know.... all of the disclaimers/mushy stuff are out of the way now. Time to put on your apron and try my most requested cupcake.... Peanut Butter Perfection

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