Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My go-to taste testers....

I've kept them behind the veil of a computer screen, but figured I'd show you my top taste testers....

This is Bolo - our Sun Conure. He knows what the sound of the Kitchen Aid means. He definitely KNOWS the smell of Peanut Butter Butter Cream. He's even said "cupcake". If I ask him if he wants some peanut butter, he nods his head to the point where I'm afraid he'll pass out. HE LOVES PB BC!!!!

And then there's Spanx and Minnie.... our two rescue bulldogs that we got from the Long Island Bulldog Rescue in November.

They are also very keenly aware of what cupcakes in the oven smell like. And will sit and give you their "paw" for what seems like hours -- until you reciprocate with a treat. They, too, are very fond of Peanut Butter Butter Cream frosting. And of vanilla butter cream. And white cupcakes. And cookies. Go figure.

You've met Britt before... my 15 year old daughter who, at any given night at 11pm will pop in the kitchen and exclaim, "Mom, I have to bring cupcakes to school tomorrow. I promised." or "Mrs. so-and-so asked for cupcakes." She often brings clamshells full to school, and has to dodge those who see her coming down the hallways. She brings cupcakes to her friends for their birthdays. She brings them to her classes. She brings them to her teachers. Britt will NEVER frost a cupcake with a knife... and even made a makeshift pastry bag last summer when she was teaching dance camp and they decorated their own cupcakes. She can walk in the house and immediately know what flavors are on the day's menu. She has my knack for detail. My obsession for perfection. And she is better at shaping fondant that I am!!

And here's my biggest help... the man who will break down a flavor and analyze every morsel so that he gives me an honest answer... (or so that he can taste some more....). This is Erik. He's my biggest supporter. My cupcake stand maker. My shopper. My baker during the day while I'm at work. My "no-doze" when I'm pulling an all-nighter. The love of my life.

Erik knows my passion for baking. For creating. For perfection. He never gets annoyed - is always supportive - and is genuine. He will buy cupcakes from every cupcake store he passes so that we can try new potential flavors, or compare frostings, toppings, etc. He never complains when cases of clamshells arrive, or $100 in cupcake papers. He just smiles and knows it makes me happy. Everyone should have an Erik. But not mine... he's taken. And I'm keeping him!!

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  1. Looks like you have quite the support system! And your bulldogs are too cute!