Friday, June 24, 2011

Where have these last 5 months gone?

I'm somewhat embarrassed that I haven't written a blog post in FIVE MONTHS. Shameful... But when I think about why I haven't, I quickly remember seven dance competitions, two dance recitals, more orders than I can count, work, work and then more work, and raising a house full of teenagers, two bulldogs and a parrot.

I've made some crazy cakes/cupcakes these past few months. I've learned new techniques, gotten better at others, tried new recipes, got a double oven (FINALLY), and have expanded what I offer.

Yep, that's right... more to offer!! You see, Erik cringes when he hears that... because it, in essence, means that he will have to learn to do more so that he can be my "assistant". He wears his "For the Love of Frosting Staff" shirt proudly, and always looks to dig it out when we have deliveries.

Ahhhh yes, deliveries. There was one in May that almost pushed me over the edge. A giant.... let me repeat... A GIANT Wizard of Oz cake that absolutely should have had PVC down the center so it didn't shift. But no. I must have subconsciously wanted to stress out for the 30 minute car ride. This cake was 2' tall. And awesome. I'll post about the happenings when I post about the cake. Let's just say that when we dropped the cake off to the birthday girl, we immediately left and stopped at the dealership. And left there owning a new Honda Pilot. Yes, that took care of the stress from the delivery.

And remember the baby from January?? His christening was last week.... so we made some cool cross cookies and a cake, too!

What's coming up for "FTLOF"? Here's where the next few weeks take me:
  • A pool party for 80 people (60 girls and 20 adults) on Sunday. Still not sure what treats to make!
  • Four orders for July 9th... shower, christening, and 2 birthdays
  • A trip to RI, where I'll decorate a cake up there for a very special 1-year-old
  • A graduation party the next day back here on Long Island... cupcakes or cake shooters for that one
  • A HUGE get together with some out of town friends -- which means an insane amount of baking
  • A Cinderella-themed birthday to end the month. Not sure what that one will be yet... lots of ideas!
I have so many ideas I want to play around with... so many cute cakes I've seen, some new techniques, some new appliances I need to play around with, etc. Way too much fun to be had... never enough time to play.

So now it's time to catch you up on some of the things I've made.....

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